May God console you among the other mourners of Zion and Jerusalem


Your congregational family would like to express their condolences and offer support to you in this most difficult time. Please notify the temple office when a loved one has passed away, even if the deceased and services are held out of town.

Rabbi Matt will help guide you thought the funeral, burial, and Shiva procedures that are customary in the Jewish tradition, as well as comfort the family in this time of need.

Our Sisterhood Reyut Committee will help the family make arrangements for Shiva, luncheon, and house sitting. In addition, they will provide meals and support throughout the grieving process.

Rabbi’s Assistant, Michelle Warren will send out a bereavement notice to our congregants* upon your request. Rabbi Matt will convey this information, or you may contact Michelle directly at 518-374-8173 x111 or email her at

*We only notify those congregants who request to receive this information. If you would like to receive our bereavement notice email, please contact Michelle at

 Shiva (translated seven)

Traditionally the seven day period of mourning following a burial (or cremation), however this may not be realistic. So sitting Shiva for the first three days is acceptable. During this time family members “sit Shiva” and receive visitors, hold Shiva services, and recite Kaddish. Rabbis Matt and Pearlman or one of our trained lay members will lead these services. Visitors come to the home during this time to insure a minyan in order to recite Kaddish.