Grade 1 Class News

Teacher: Stephanie Mayergrade 1 Mayer

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In 1st grade we develop our Jewish identity by meeting our Jewish family in Torah, and Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Sarah, Rebekah, Leah, and Rachel teach us how to make good choices in everyday life. We are God’s partner as we do acts of tikkun olam/repair of the world, g’milut hasadim/acts of loving kindness, hesed/righteousness, kavod/honor and respect and derech eretz/considerate behavior.

When we celebrate the holidays, we are grateful for our blessings and we share with others.  We know that Hebrew is the language of the Jewish people and that Israel belongs to Jews all over the world.

We come to monthly Family Worship Services and meet our friends at the pot luck dinners at the synagogue. Our parents have a Facebook group, Primary Years at Gates of Heaven, to keep us all connected.