Grade 3 Class News

grade 3

Teacher: Sherly Schwaber

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In 3rd grade we deepen our Jewish identity by exploring the Holiness we bring into the world when we act as God’s partner in accordance with the laws and rules in Torah. With text study, stories, activities, music and dance, we think and talk about being holy in everyday life, how to tell someone when they have made a mistake, being a good friend and caring for others, taking care of our bodies and taking care of the earth, honoring our parents, visiting the sick, welcoming the stranger, and making peace in our homes and class. We honor the traditions passed on through our families, especially during holiday celebrations. We learn about some of the darker times in our history, the Spanish Inquisition and the Holocaust, and the courage of the Jews who emigrated to America and Israel. We take a virtual tour of Israel, from the Galilee to the Negev, Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, experiencing what it was like for the chalutzim/ pioneers who built the kibbutzim. 

We learn to read Hebrew words, opening the door to understanding the Hebrew language and participating in prayer services in any synagogue in the world. 

We come to monthly Family Worship Services and meet our friends at the pot luck dinners at the synagogue.