Grade 4 Class News

grade 4Teacher: Ann Sail

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In 4th grade we deepen our Jewish identity through learning about the history and opportunities for  mitzvot  offered by  the Jewish holidays.  We explore our place as a member of Am Yisrael, the Jewish People, our connection to Eretz Yisrael, the biblical land of Israel that is our homeland, and our role in fulfilling the b’rit, the Covenant between the Jewish people and God to follow God’s teachings. We appreciate the diversity of the people of Am Yisrael, and how all of us contribute our unique gifts to the community. 

We participate in activities with the values of making peace among friends and family, honoring our parents, befriending the lonely, the danger of gossip, and honoring the elderly. We have chugim/ electives, where we can express our creativity and Jewish knowledge in  chorus, dance troupe, art, newspaper, drama, and games. We come to monthly Family Worship Services and meet our friends at the pot luck dinners at the synagogue.