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Kolel is the place to be for teens, grades 8 -12, to experience a supportive environment for socializing, interactive learning, and building leadership skills. The Kolel mission is to provide a meaningful and relevant Jewish education to our teens that builds character, positive values, leadership, a strong Jewish identity, and creates a sense of unity with the Jewish people.



Participate in one or more of these exciting programs that address individual needs for scheduling flexibility while providing opportunities to get involved in our community in intensive, experiential, and social action activities.


The following courses have attendance requirements—you must plan to be in attendance 75% of scheduled classes.


  • Aging in the Capital District: Senior citizens make up a growing population in the Capital District and around the country. For many reasons, it is important for students to learn about the lives, histories, and present day realities of our senior citizens.  Interestingly, senior citizens and young people have a lot in common. Through working with senior citizens, young people will get a chance to discover these commonalities while learning about history, culture, sociology, health, and other subjects. Classes will take place at CGOH and Daughters of Sarah.
  • Jewish Teen Funders Network: The Teen Funders Network is distinct from the broad notion of teen philanthropy. The Jewish Teen Funders Network is a foundation works collaboratively with Synagogue and Federation support to build consensus around an area of funding interest, shape a Request for Proposals to solicit grant applicants, and thoughtfully and strategically allocate money to organizations who apply.

Special Sunday Programs

  • L’Dor V’Dor–From Generation to Generation: This unique inter-generational program will provide you with a personal view of our community’s history as you develop a special relationship with someone who lived it. Adopt a senior citizen who spent part of his/her early life right here in Schenectady. Learn about what it was like living in these communities 60 or 70 years ago and how things have changed.
  • Friend to Friend: An Incredible Opportunity to make a difference in the life of someone with special needs. Interviews of potential Kolel friends are required to determine appropriate pairing. Matches will be made on a rolling basis and may not coincide exactly with the Kolel schedule.
  • Independent Studies – Design Your Own with Rabbi Matt: Do you have an interest you would like to learn more about? Whether it is studying contemporary issues, Jewish law and ethics, Hebrew, Biblical Text, or developing a needlepoint and mitzvah project, you can design an independent study with mentoring from Rabbi Matt.




Ltaken 2011-12




L’taken Social Action Conference

L’taken SAC is Open to students in gr 10-12. An intensive four day study Kallah focusing on Jewish values and social justice. Students will interact with experts on several different issues, speak with their congressional reps, and carry out a social action project teach on their return. The program takes place in Washington DC from 2/10/16 to 2/13/16. Please contact Arnie or the temple office at 374-8173 for more information.

Top 10 Reasons To Attend L’taken