LIFE & LEGACY™ is a four-year partnership program of the Harold Grinspoon Foundation (HGF) that assists communities across North America, through partnership with Jewish Federations and Foundations, to promote after-lifetime giving to benefit local Jewish day schools, synagogues, social service organizations, and other Jewish entities.


Through training, support, and monetary incentives, LIFE & LEGACY™ motivate Jewish organizations to secure legacy gifts, steward donors, and integrate legacy giving into the philanthropic culture of the Jewish community in order to ensure vibrant Jewish life for future generations.


Congregation Gates of Heaven is one of eleven Jewish organizations in New York’s Capital District to be participating in this program.


Beginning March 2018, Gates of Heaven has asked it’s stakeholders to leave a life or legacy gift to our congregation. So far 32 people have answered the call.


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Todah Rabah!

We thank our LIFE & LEGACY Society members for helping to secure our future.

Those who sign a letter of intent to leave a LIFE & LEGACY gift to Congregation Gates of Heaven are added to our LIFE & LEGACY SOCIETY. Those who do not wish to remain anonymous will have their name printed on the LIFE & LEGACY sign in our lobby and will be honored each year at Donor Shabbat.


Anonymous, Edward Bein, John Berhaupt and Suzanne Gold, Theresa Cassiack, Rachel Cohon, Rabbi Matthew and Sharon Cutler, Rick Dolins, Virginia C. Dolins z’’l, Laura Ehrich, Jonathan Falk, Bill Gilbert, Rhoda Gilbert, David and Andrea Golub, Brian Haak, Jesse Holland, Mindy Holland, Kay Keller, James and Susan Litynski, Jeffry Luria, Patricia Luria, Mary Matthews, Paula Metzner, Sonia Rubinstein, Del and Randie Salmon, Howard Schlossberg and Michelle Ostrelich, Randy Simon, Shawn and Jennifer Tabankin, Jeff and Barbara Walton, Deborah Wein, Ernie Wein, Richard Weiskopf, Gordon Zuckerman, Linda Zuckerman, z’’l.


For more details and to find out how you can make a gift, please contact Paula Metzner at

Life and Legacy Committee Members: Brian Bronsther, Theresa Cassiack, Rick Dolins, Mindy Holland, Paula Metzner, Jennifer Tabankin, Gordon Zuckerman.



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