Message from our SH Co-Presidents

Hello Sisterhood Members!

Welcome to the 2012-2013 Sisterhood year. Leah and I are very excited about the new and on-going programs planned for this year.

Sisterhood is ALL about the people! Our friends, our family, our community, ourselves! Programming for Sisterhood this year will focus on the people that make up our world.

This fall, 2012, is an election year for our nation. We must be thoughtful in recalling the dreams we have held for ourselves and our families when we assess to what degree we have been able to advance toward those dreams. We must also be mindful of those who work tirelessly to assure that we protect the rights and privileges that have been hard-won in the past. We must be very thoughtful in selecting the new leadership to move us through this second decade of the millennium

Our Temple will be focusing on Women’s issues to some extent this year. Sisterhood will offer a special Women’s Speak-Out Session in support of maintaining women’s rights through our national elective processes. We hope you’ll attend in order to learn more about the assaults on Women’s Rights that are being advanced in today’s society.

Sisterhood is about having fun with friends and family, too. We have some summer activities planned at Great Escape, The Joe Bruno Stadium and the Adirondack Wild Center. We are joining together with Brotherhood in many of these activities so that your whole family might have an enjoyable and memorable time, in the context of Jewish fellowship.

Our work in the community continues with the tireless work of Sandy Fox in the Soup Kitchen (that’s more than 40 years of volunteering!!!) and Barbara Walton with the Reyut work crew, that are ready to respond to Temple members needs at an instant.

Fun activities like our White Elephant, Game Night and Dinner Dance will continue. Our educational opportunities will also continue with Day and Evening Book Groups. There is so much more we have planned and can do.

All of these activities require the energy of members to plan and carry out. We need your help! We have open Board Member seats and we need coordinators for some of our events. We are all about the people. If you would like to help out, we’ll be sure you get the support you need to make your contribution. Sisterhood is a team effort that benefits its members, the Temple, our community and our society. Please take an active role in ANY portion that interests you. We hope to see you soon!


 April Friedman and Leah Bronsther

Sisterhood Co-Presidents 2012-2013