Nursery 3 & 4

Nursery 3 and 4 Class News

Teacher: Patty Chien

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We develop our Jewish identity by celebrating the Jewish holidays, and being God’s partner with acts of loving kindness for our families, classmates, and community.  We say blessings, sing and dance, listen to stories, and play games using Hebrew words.

We attend to monthly Tot Shabbat on Friday night and Saturday morning and meet our friends in the synagogue.  Our parents have a Facebook group, Primary Years at Gates of Heaven, to keep us all connected. To join this group, search the group name on Facebook.

November 2012

Nursery children will pretend to be Noah, his wife and children taking care of all the animals on the Ark! Noah’s wife, Na’amah, also saved seeds to plant after the flood. We will make a rainbow to remember God’s promise to take care of us. There are beautiful picture books in the library to borrow and enjoy at home.  And if you haven’t already–register for PJ Library for wonderful books to come in the mail at no cost.