Interfaith Outreach

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My house should be a house of prayer for all people.– Isaiah 56:7

We strive to be a welcoming community for people with divers religious, sexual, or ethnic backgrounds. We welcome your family and encourage you to participate in synagogue life.

What is Outreach?

Outreach, a National Reform Project, is a support/discussion/education group to encourage Jewish choices for interfaith couples, Jews-by-choice, Jews, non-Jews, and parents of interfaith couples.

Our Outreach program provides a much-needed support system for interfaith couples and families that desire to live a Jewish life and to raise their children as Jews.

Additionally, we desire to help integrate new Jews-by-choice into the Jewish Community.

Outreach also seeks to educate and sensitize the Jewish community to be receptive to new Jews-by-choice and interfaith families.

Why is Outreach Important?

This year 65% of children attending our Religious School will have a parent who was not born Jewish

Today over 50% of Jews are marring someone who was not born Jewish

I have been involved with the Outreach program for over 20 years. the sense of community that I experience at these meetings made it possible to openly discuss the interfaith issues that I had never expected to experience. Issues like: how do I provide a Jewish home for my daughter? or how do I juggle Christmas and Hanukkah? – Jay Rourke, GATES Outreach Co-Chair

I have been involved in Outreach at Gates for about 17 years. It is a wonderful program that explores through discussion, many sensitive and highly personal topics that often affect interfaith couples and families. Mostly, our discussions are light, helpful, and amusing, but at times they can be more serious when the situation arises. And sometimes it is just a great opportunity to hang out and schmooze over coffee, while the kids are in Religious School. – Fran Friedberg, GATES Outreach Co-Chair

How can I get involved in Outreach?

Come to our monthly meetings held September – April. All meetings are held at the temple in Room 13 unless otherwise noted on our calendar. Refreshments, relaxed, non-judgmental and supportive atmosphere await you. Children are always welcome…so bring the little ones! For more information, please contact Jay or Fran at 518-374-8173.

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