Sisterhood Reyut


Love your neighbor as yourself – Leviticus 19:18

What is Reyut? (Hebrew translation Friendship)

Reyut comes from the same Hebrew root as the word neighbor in the biblical quotation love your neighbor as yourself, and implies friendship and companionship, as well as neighborliness.

The Sisterhood Reyut Committee is available to all members of the congregation in times of stress and emergency. On request, the committee will attempt to locate additional sources of assistance.

Reyut can be of service only when advised of an existing need. A phone call to the temple office is all that is necessary to alert the committee. You can be assured that confidentiality is respected.

How does Reyut serve?

  • By visiting the sick and shut-ins, at home, in the hospital, or nursing homes
  • By assisting in time of bereavement
  • By making friendly phone calls to the home bound
  • By shopping and or running errands in time of crisis
  • By providing transportation to Shabbat Services and to other Temple functions
  • By furnishing the temple library with book and articles on death and grieving
  • By sponsoring workshops relevant to Reyut services
  • By providing meals in times of crisis

Who is Reyut?

Currently we have about thirty-five Temple members serving actively on our committee. If you would like (even occasionally) to visit those who are sick or institutionalized, or if you can drive someone to make such visits, we need you.

If you can help prepare or serve a meal, or stay at a member’s home while the family attends a funeral, there is a place for you.

If you can provide transportation to temple functions, we want to hear from you.

Your ideas are also important, whether or not you can be active. Please call the Temple office at 374-8173 to make suggestions or to volunteer.

Actually, Reyut is you!


Please consider making a donation to the Sisterhood Dorothy S. Ludwig Reyut, Morris Feldman Reyut, or any of our other worthy funds. When you make a donation in honor/memory of someone, we will send that person/family an acknowledgment letter.

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