yahrzeit candle

Yahrzeit (translated year’s time)

It is a mitzvah to observe the yahrzeit (anniversary of the day of death) each year with the recitation of Kaddish and attendance at synagogue services. It is customary to light a twenty-four-hour candle on the eve of the yahrzeit date.

Candles are available for purchase at the temple for $1 or many grocery stores, such as Price Chopper Super Markets, carry these candles.

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The family may choose to observe either the Hebrew or the secular date of death, but whichever date is chosen should be agreed to by the entire family, so that all may observe the occasion at the same time, and if possible, together.

For our members we will track your loved ones Yahrzeit anniversary and send you a notification of when it will be recited during Shabbat services.

Yahrzeit is not an occasion for renewed mourning, but rather a day consecrated each year to the memory of the dead. The observance of yahrzeit should move the family to the performance of mitzvot (eg., tzedakah or study) in honor of the deceased.


You may choose to consecrate your loved one’s memory by contributing to one of the many worthy Congregation Gates of Heaven’s funds as a form of Tzedakah.

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For a Perpetual Yahrzeit observance a permanent memorial may be instituted by inscribing the departed name on a plaque on our bronze Memorial Tablets in the Nusbaum Foyer or in our Sanctuary. The bronze plaque will be ordered and placed on the Memorial Tablet when it arrives. The fee for the plaque is $600*. The dedication ceremony for these memorials will take place on the Sabbath between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. If you wish a private dedication, please contact Rabbi’s Assistant, Michelle at mwarren@cgoh.org.

*fee subject to change.